Marianna, FL

Fog at Ponce de Leon
So humid this morning, there was thick fog.
breakfast in Caryville
I only had the complimentary coffee and cake at the motel. Needed some protein, so stopped at a store in Caryville just a few miles out. I’m having a hot pocket and can of smoked sausage, which is like Vienna.
Alligator Creek
Hadn’t seen any alligators, alive or dead, on this trip. This might be a likely spot.
from bridge at Alligator Creek
Nothing I can see here.
Except a few turtles. Do alligators eat turtles? If so, there must not be any gators, here.
The Wingmanz Cafe is so new, it doesn’t even have a paper menu, just a board. I decided to get the buffet, although I typically wouldn’t eat a lot for lunch on a humid day. I just want to drink and drink.
$8.50, all you can eat, including tea. The fried chicken is their best dish, in my opinion, but I didn’t eat too much meat, so I wouldn’t get weighed down. I had a lot of greens, with their version of chili pepper water, which is almost like the vinegar you would use on namasu. There was meatloaf, which was good. Cornbread, of course. And liver in gravy, something I rarely see at buffets. I had a full slice – good source of iron.
Tia, China, and Wingman
L-R: Tia, her daughter China, and the Wingman himself. He had decades of experience in the restaurant business, and came down from Massachusetts to take over his uncle’s place.
starting to rain
As I was eating, the thunderstorm hit. The locals told me that storms usually pass in 20 minutes, so I waited. The rain lightened, but did not stop. I hit the road.

For the next 10 miles, I rode through moderate rain, then it was dry for the last 10 into Marianna. The ACA maps listed two motels for the town, a Best Western, which was further, and the Executive Motel. Although the Executive was the first thing I saw in town, I had learned the lesson from the Western Motel of not jumping at the first thing I saw. So I continued down the street, and noticed that there were two other places. I stopped at one of those to inquire about rates.

That other motel was $50, which I thought was decent for a budget motel, but before I checked in, I verified that they had wi-fi. The proprietor told me that their access point was down, but he would put me in the room closest to the office, and give me access through their private network. I decided to at least check at the Executive Motel, and when they said more than $50, I’d come right back.

So I went a couple blocks down the street to the Executive and inquired. The woman said $40 plus tax right off the bat. I asked whether they had wi-fi and she said yes. I took it.

Executive Motel
This may be the best value motel on the entire trip. My room at the Executive Motel was just $40 plus tax. Same price as the Chocktaw Motel, except that the room is big and clean, and everything works well.
items spread on sink to dry
I spread out the wet items to dry in the room. Everything that was inside the panniers has remained completely dry.
good size room
The room was spacious. No finagling to find a place to put the bike.
good internet speed
This was excellent speed for a motel.
Grocery Outlet
Grocery Outlet was not far from the Motel by bike. This is a different store from the California chain by the same name. This store lists their costs (in theory) for each item, and adds a 10% margin at the register. It’s a cost plus ten operation. I got a banana, trail mix, fried pork skins, and a 48 ounce orange juice.

Also nearby was McDonald’s. I had a validation code for a 2 for 1 Quarter Pounder with Cheese from taking their survey, so used it. One was my dinner, and the other will be breakfast tomorrow.

Tomorrow will be a long day, if I stick to plan. The goal is Tallahassee, which is over 60 miles.

Miles today: 48.5

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