Shepherd, TX

Not much to report for today. As Tropical Storm Cindy rolls in, wind and humidity hit this area. I had expected it.

Sam Houston National Forest
A change of scenery again. It had been a while since I had seen an actual forest on the route.

I saw a family of wild pigs down by the stream, this morning. Two to three little piglets. They all ran before I could get a picture.

turn onto 1375
There was construction for 10 miles early in the morning. This was the left turn onto Farm Road 1375 that I initially missed. Because of the construction, the highway signs had been removed. That mistake cost me 5 extra miles.

There was some kind of dust or sand being kicked up by passing cars today. Maybe it was bark dust, as there were timber trucks on the road. Whatever it was, I had to keep wiping the irritating grit out of my eyes.

New Waverly was the first large town. The road pointed straight into the Waverly Diner (aka Waverly House Restaurant and Bakery). I saw well-dressed people going in, so was hesitant at first going in with my cycling togs.
They had a menu you could order from, but most people were going to the steam trays, which reminded me of food service when I went to college. For $6.49, you get either Grandma’s Chicken or Chicken Fried Steak, two sides, and a roll or cornbread. Drinks are extra – I got my usual unsweet iced tea.
cafeteria lunch
Returning thanks to God is almost superfluous. No one needs to remind a touring cyclist to be thankful for food. Grandma’s Chicken was a skinless breast, but wrapped in bacon, so it’s moist. I was tearfully thankful for this feast, every bite delicious.
iced tea to go
When the waiter brought me my check, he asked if I wanted a drink to go (complimentary). Certainly! I emptied the iced tea, ice and all, into my water bottle.
roadside flowers
These wildflowers are so common, I barely notice them.

It rained sporadically on the last 11 miles into Shepherd. I zipped up my front bag in case it got worse. That meant no more snacks, no more pictures.

I passed by several coins in my path. It seems I pass by perhaps a half dozen to dozen each day. Of course, I’m not going to stop when rain threatens, not even for quarters.

I got into Shepherd at about 5 pm, and set off looking for the motel. Previously, Google had told me it would be north on Hwy 59. I went down the road that said Hwy 59, but it seemed a very unlikely place for a motel. Then, in the distance, I saw a subway sign. Must be near! Subways don’t exist in the middle of nowhere. This picture was taken closer up, of course.
Hometownwer Inn
The Hometowner Inn and Suites. The word “Suites” in the name suggests expensive, but in fact, it was very reasonable. A man greeted me in the parking lot, and went in with me to direct the front desk to give me room 107 on the first floor, for $48 and change, making it a round $55 with tax. Must have been the owner.

Riding out for dinner is not the best idea when rain threatens. The only walkable restaurant was Subway, part of the Exxon convenience store. Fine. I got a foot-long BMT. I’d swear they make them bigger, here. I finished it without trouble, of course.

toothpaste replacement
I had filled my travel toothpaste full before leaving on this trip, but it was almost exhausted, so I got a $1 tube at Family Dollar. I do like my little tube, so am considering refilling it again from the big one, but if I do that, would I discard the extra in the big tube, or carry everything, defeating the purpose?

It’s raining, light but steady, as I type here. If the rain continues at this level, I’ll head for Kountze tomorrow. In the event of a severe storm, I’ll stay over another day in Shepherd.

Miles today: 65.5

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