White Springs (sort of), FL

morning clouds
The clouds looked different this morning. For a change, it was NOT supposed to rain.
Day’s Inn included continental breakfast. The prepackaged raisin bran was tiny, so I needed two, in addition to raisin toast, orange juice, and two cups of coffee.
Hwy 53 back
I had to backtrack 6 miles to town to reconnect to the route, going 14 miles to reach a point that was only 5 miles away as the crow flies.
Sandwich and drink at Lee
I reached the little town of Lee. It was 11:30, so I got lunch at the gas station. I got a Cuban sandwich from the refrigerator.
Cuban Sandwich
Looks like a plain old Po Boy to me. I put some mustard on it. It was food.
fog smoke
What is Fog Smoke?
I crossed the famous Suwanee river. It’s the same Swanee river in the Stephen Foster song.. Actually, Foster had never seen the river – he just picked the name off a map to match his song, which was originally, “Way Down Upon the Peede River.”
No rain at all riding today. Intermittent clouds, though, which cast sharp boundaries of light and dark on the land. Overcast weather is much more pleasant than full sun for riding.
burning tree
I ran across some people clearing out a tree with an 8-foot trunk by burning it. Sam and John, and a couple boys, were tending the fire. They told me some interesting things about forestry. This area has farms with special, fast-growing trees that are used for paper, as well as conventional trees like Yellow Pine.

this road does not lead to Walmart
I have to wonder what created the need for this sign.
Inside ABVI
I arrived at the Americas Best Value Inn a little before 5 pm. A very reasonable hour. The discounted rate for cyclists was $77 including tax. Considering it was a Friday, that was not bad. Not great, but not bad. Big room, with a nice outlet right on the desk, perfect for computer work.

0.3 mile from the motel was a gas station store. I decided to visit the store before showering.

colorful moth
The clerk at the store pointed out this moth to me.
Orange Juice
Half gallon of OJ, $2.89. Very reasonable.
alligator souvenirs
The store had alligator teeth and heads for sale.

I took everything back to the motel so I could shower and clean up before dinner.

in room
I got the meal deal at the gas station. A sausage on a bun, bag of chips, and drink for $2.99. I also got the half gallon of orange juice. One hot dog was not enough for dinner, so I also made one of my freeze-dried meals. It’s becoming clear that I’m not going to be doing any more camping. One more freeze-dried left. I put on clothes for this picture. Since it’s just me, often I don’t bother after the shower.

Internet trouble again at this motel. The fast access point that my phone could connect to, would not connect to my outdated Firefox in Windows XP. The slow access points, with 0.35 Mbps download speed, would connect, however.

The mileage today was just about right. Tomorrow, I have similar mileage to High Springs. I have reverted to the ACA route, rather than take my own shortcuts.

Miles today: 50.5

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    1. Completely real. All different. I thought they might be fake, but there was a local couple in front of me in line, and they confirmed that everything was real. The man examined one of the larger heads, and said that it came from a 4.5 foot size gator, which he catches on occasion.

  1. In retrospect, my shortest route out of Day’s Inn probably would have been to follow the frontage road of I-10, turn left at County Road 255, and pick up Hwy 90 at Lee. Doesn’t matter, everything turned out fine.

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