Back to San Jose

I was feeling about 50% well this morning, but had to make my flight. I was scared to touch any food, and not looking forward to getting on a plane while already slightly nauseous. I had a difficult time sleeping because of aching muscles.

before haircut
I had some time before my flight, and couldn’t eat, so decided to get a haircut, my first in 3 months. They were too busy at Walmart, so I found the closest place, Roni’s Haircuts, on Google Maps. I was confused at first, because the sign said “Julia’s Salon.” Julia must be his partner.
A precision haircut.
Roni and Scott
On the left is Roni, the stylist. He was originally from Albania, but had been here 10 years. On the right is Scott, a regular customer since he moved from Orlando to Jacksonville 5 years ago. Scott was getting cleaned up to attend a baby shower for his youngest brother (he had 1 twin and two other brothers).
blogging at JAX
Jacksonville airport has convenient outlets for charging devices.

There was a 3-hour layover in Charlotte, NC. I had a little bit of food, and was able to keep it down, although my stomach still felt weird.

The 5-hour flight back to San Jose, CA was smooth by normal standards, but hard on me because I was already a little nauseous, and had little sleep. It seemed to last forever.

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  1. Well, at least you look cool and comfortable sitting in the airport! (I have to confess that I prefer slightly longer hair on men… it’s always a bit of a shock and readjustment when Dear Husband comes home after a hair cut.)

    1. Appearances. I was actually quite exhausted, having had poor rest in the past day. The 5-hour flight from Charlotte to San Jose was difficult. Hard to sleep in an airplane seat that reclines a maximum of about an inch. The other guy in my row, Jerry, had it worse. He had been in the airport for 35 hours. They routed his luggage to Charleston, WV instead of Charleston, SC, and he had all his money and keys in there. Having made frequent trips to Russia before, he was in the habit of carrying only his ID with him on the plane, and checking everything else.

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