Jacksonville 2, FL

I usually leave my drapes a little open at motels, so I can see whether dawn is breaking. But last night at 3:11 am, someone knocked on the door. Then the started peering in the window. Looked like they were just going down the line knocking on doors. What would you do, answer? I pretended to be asleep, and they went away.

Today, the main errand was to pick up the rental car. That involved a 25+ mile ride through the city. I dislike all the twists and turns that Google imposes on a city route, so modified my route to stick to major roads whenever possible. The temperature was about 95 degrees.

There were numerous motels on the way to the airport.
Adults Only Motel
I wondered if this place had hourly rates.
This is the car I got at the airport. I’m parked at a shopping center with a thrift store, discount store, dollar general, family dollar, and crab shack.
thrift store purchases
At the thrift store, I wanted to get a large suitcase, but this was the closest thing I could find. I also got a messenger bag to be my carry-on, and two shirts. There was a supermarket in the center, so I got a jug of orange juice, and 3 peaches.
crab shack dinner
This was only $6.99 at the crab shack. The boiled egg really adds something extra to the shrimp boil, in my opinion.

I did not get to a bike shop, yet, or UPS store to ship the bike. That will be tomorrow. Shipping the bike and packing are major tasks remaining. After that, I hope to get a haircut.

Miles biked: 25.9

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