Route Maps

The detail map with my most recent position will always be at the top (once the trip starts).

The map at the very bottom is of the entire route.

These maps were captured from Google in accordance with their terms of use, but are not live like Google Maps. They’re just pictures. However, if you see a red square on the map, you can click on it to jump to the blog entry for that day.

Note: I’m really tired today, and won’t be updating the route maps. Sorry, maybe later.

Pacific Coast Mostly
San Jose, CA to San Diego, CA
Southern Tier 1
San Diego, CA to Tempe, AZ
Southern Tier 2
Tempe, AZ to El Paso, TX
Southern Tier 3
El Paso, TX, to Del Rio, TX
Southern Tier 4
Del Rio, TX, to Navasota, TX
Southern Tier 5
Navasota, TX, to New Roads, LA
Southern Tier 6
New Roads, LA to DeFuniak Springs, FL
Southern Tier 7
DeFuniak Springs, FL to St. Augustine, FL
approximate route for bike2017
This is not the exact route I plan to follow. I just put some key cities into Google Maps, and let the software do the drawing.
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