Leaving Morgan Hill

Quick update. Body is okay, considering my age. Normal aches, but nothing special due to cycling, I think. I’m checking out of the motel, soon. Ate my emergency freeze dried ration last night. Out of tubes for my tires so will be looking for Off the Chain bike shop in Hollister. Looks like Gas Station Breakfast today. Will replenish rations at Safeway in Hollister. Sorry, no picture. Must be conscious of time, today. Will pray again before I leave. If you pray, join me.

By the way, if you want to contact me, this blog is the best place, unless it’s urgent or personal. I was up until 11:45 last night answering email.

Merrianne has my cell number, but I’m probably going to be out of cell and internet range for the next day.

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    1. I don’t know. I use tire liners (Mr. Tuffy) instead. The two tubes that I had blow out were not due to punctures. Most likely the tubes were just old, vintage of our 2010 bike trip.

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