I am fine

Was out of cell and internet range. In San Miguel now. Update tonight.

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  1. Roderick, It was nice to meet you yesterday (at intersection of SR25 and SR198). I should have been more encouraging – to talk you into taking Peach Tree and Indian Valley to San Miguel. That is a beautiful road (nicer than 198 and 101). But, I Suppose you’ll see many other beautiful roads before you get to Florida. I rode from San Jose to Phoenix, many years ago. The desert is nice, this time of year. I’d avoid Phoenix, as much as you can. On a bicycle – it is as bad as LA. Enjoy the ride!!

    1. It was great to see you out there. In fact, I did take Peach Tree Rd, and will post about that eventually. I realized that I should have taken a picture with you. Oh, well. As for going through Phoenix, that’s where the route takes me, but it will be Mesa, which is basically just part of the metropolis that is Phoenix. This warm-up segment to San Diego is teaching me that I need to carry lots of water. I nearly ran out – but you can see the story when I get up to date on posting.

    1. I’m reminded of the old Star Trek, when Spock took the shuttlecraft into the giant space ameoba. He couldn’t do regular communication, but kicked it to let the Enterprise know he was all right. Any Trekkies among us will understand.

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