De Ridder 2, LA

This is a rest day, so last night I searched Google for a nearby church. There are plenty in this town, but one of the closest was The River. While there was no webpage for the church listed by Google Maps, I was able to find an ad for it in an old style paper yellow pages in the room, which gave service times. It also said “multi-cultural,” which sounded good, whatever that meant.

Rivers of Living Water church
Google found this church, The River, as one of the closest to the motel. There were two phone books in the motel room.

I got there a few minutes before 10, and tried to gauge whether there was a dress standard. I only saw women in the main sanctuary, all well-dressed. As I sat outside trying to figure out what to do next, a man in shorts like me walked up, and showed me where the men’s class was. I think his name was Mr. Jackson, but could have confused him with someone else. If anyone has a correction, please let me know.

Angela and Gary Morrison
I didn’t get pictures of anyone before or during the service, but a few of folks after. Gary and Angela came up to say hello. As I was writing down their names, Angela asked whether that was a prayer journal. Nah, just my trip diary, but I’d take a prayer request if she had one. She had no requests for herself, just for my welfare on the trip.

I had also met the Pucketts, but didn’t get a picture.

Kantonio and family
A man greeted me before service. At first, I thought he said his name was Antonio, but upon listening again, realized it was Kantonio. He had actually been stationed at Scofield previously. (Thank you for your service, sir.) L-R in this picture: Kantonio, Yolanda, Skye, Emmanuel, Kantonio (Jr). Kantonio the younger delivered the youth message, on Kindness. And it was spot on; that is exactly why we can be kind. People who know me know that this topic is of great importance to me.
Hilton and Isaiah
This is Pastor Hilton Wells, and their son, Isaiah. Pastor Wells was formerly a chaplain in the military.
Hilton and Aurora Wells
Pastor Hilton and his wife Aurora, who is the Music Pastor. She and 3 other women led with an amazing sound. It spoke.

After church, I checked out the Goodwill in town, and did some other shopping in the area. I dropped my bike off at the motel, then tried Steamboat Bill’s, which both Mandy and Pastor Hilton suggested. Unfortunately, they were out of crawfish, but I had a bowl of shrimp etoufee. The closest thing in Hawaii would be shrimp curry plate lunch, except that you don’t get macaroni salad. I tried to take a picture, but later discovered that it came out terrible (the picture, that is).

Los Mayas
Late dinner. I had a Hawaiian Quesadilla (Beef, Chicken, Shrimp, and Pineapple) at Los Mayas Mexican Restaurant, right next to the motel. It was huge, but I finished it. I think this dish would go over well in Hawaii, except it would have to be much more expensive, there.

I didn’t get around to doing laundry. Some other time.

Goal for tomorrow is Mamou, at 63 miles. Safety stop is Oberlin at 38 miles. These are not as far as they sound, as the route is flat, and there is virtually no wind. The two concerns are a 30% chance of rain in the afternoon, and no services until Oberlin. I’m planning to just snack out of my front bag on the way.

Miles today: 2.5 (rest day)

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