Silsbee, TX

rain stopped in Shepherd
Well, at least it had stopped raining this morning. I decided to go for it.
bike set for rain
My bike is packed for rain. The jacket and shoes are in the panniers instead of strapped to the top of the rack.
starting to rain
There was a drizzle and mist for a while. But then the rain got moderate, so I decided to put the camera in a ziploc, and completely zip up my front pack. That meant very few pictures, today.
handmade tacos $2.49
I stopped at the Fuel Stop convenience store near Rye, and got a Chicken Fajita Taco and Pizza slice for early lunch. The taco was superb. Had I known it would be that good, I would have simply gotten two or three tacos for lunch.

I also stopped at a town called Honey Island, and got an iced tea for hydration. The store had T-shirts, so I got a fuchsia one. Yellow would have been my first choice, but they were out of that in medium.

rain stopped
By late afternoon, the rain had completely stopped, and there was even occasional sun.
rain at the Pinewood
Upon reaching Silsbee, I sought a motel. Google listed a few, and the ACA map showed two. Only one – the most expensive – was near. I went under the drive-up awning at the Pinewood, and considered my options. Should I ride another 5 miles to save $20? Just then, it started to pour. Hard. I took it as a sign.
Rodney Barefield
There seemed to be few other guests on this Thursday afternoon. I met Rodney, the owner, who had quite a few stories about the history of the motel, and his family. He had 3 grades of room, and I took the cheapest, of course. He went with me to the economy room, but when he couldn’t make the key work, he upgraded me to a mid-level room free.

chinese buffet
There was a Chinese Buffet a few doors down. Notice the umbrella that Rodney lent me. I walked across lawn, which was concealing two-inch deep water. My shoes got soaked. Unfortunately, I still could not find a path to the restaurant that did not involve crossing an 8″ to 12″ deep torrent.
river in street
There was a river of water running down the street. My shoes got completely soaked.
I ended up going to Whataburger across the street from the motel. I’m glad that I got to try that chain restaurant at least once. Big burgers.
wired ethernet
One feature of the room was a wired internet cable. I hooked it up, and it actually worked. So I have a 20 Mbps upload speed, pretty nice. Download was 6 Mbps. The shirt I got today is on the table.

Tomorrow, it’s 30+ miles to Kirbyville, then 50 more to DeRidder, LA. Those are the next cities with motels. I will be conservative and stop at 30 miles.

Miles today: 60.9

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    1. Just after the peak rain, there were streams in the gutters up to a foot deep, but 15 minutes after the rain stopped, those were down to less than an inch.

      I see on the weather report that you have record heat back in California – that doesn’t sound too fun, either.

      The remnants of Tropical Depression Cindy are still coming down on us, here. Forecast says “AM Thunderstorms,” suggesting clear in the afternoon. Tomorrow, it says “T-Storms,” suggesting all day long. I’m tempted to try the entire 80+ miles today, but after 30 miles, I’ll probably come to my senses.

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