Safford 2, AZ

Now I’m ready for church. And no wet pants, this time. I take a change of nicer clothes in my pannier just in case, but haven’t needed them yet at the churches so far.
All Saints Episcopal
Hey, this looks good. Just a mile away from Motel 6. I’m assuming that the rating is from someone who has never been to this particular church, but disagrees with their theology generally.
all saints web page
Looks all right to me. That Rainbow Ribbon suggests I would be welcome regardless of attire. Besides, I have to ask them about what that safety pin means. My friends Becky and Andy attend an Episcopal church.
Joyce Cuthbertson
At the church social hour after worship, I met Joyce. She moved to Arizona from Kentucky 60 years ago, and wrote a book, “From Bluegrass to Hard Rock.” She told me about her experience learning to ride a bike. And that her son-in-law rode the Transamerica trail, once.
Allison, John, Ken
L-R: Allison, John, Ken. Allison was the pastor, and is also an inter-denominational chaplain. John was a retired EE like myself, and was the director of the local observatory. Ken was the first person I met at church. He advised me what to expect on the road ahead, Duncan and beyond.
Darcy was tired, because Prom was the night before, but came in to church to hand out graduation announcements. She had lots, so gave me one – even though I was from out of town – which was the source of the picture here. As you can see, she plays in the Orchestra.

I met a few others at church, but like Darcy, did not get a picture. Hi, Mindy (Ken’s wife), Bill, Janet, Devon. And Hello, Dolly (I’m sure she’s heard that a million times).

car wash
After being in the A/C of the church, it felt hot outside. There was a car wash down the street, so I decided to wash my bike for the first time on this expedition (and oil it right after). Drying is not an issue in this climate.
Mechy's Mexican Food
A lot of stores are closed in Safford on Sunday, including restaurants. No chance to eat at the Jumbo chinese restaurant in town. And all the Mexican places seemed closed also, except this one. Must be good, look at all the cars in the lot.

Lunch was okay. I cleaned my plate except for one tortilla. It felt hot again outside, but it was a dry heat. Reminder to self: leave early tomorrow.

Dollar General Finds
The night before, I had gone to Dollar General. I’ve learned to get the liter of Peach, Guava, or Mango nectar for $1 at stores in these parts. It can be chilled in a motel refrigerator, and even cut 1:1 with water to extend it. It’s too bulky to take on the road, of course. I got a 65-cent can of sausage to see what that was about. The other brands of Vienna Sausage were only 50 cents each. I remember that my father’s go-to quick and cheap travel meal was vienna sausage with pork and bean sandwich, on white bread. I will try the sausage with the tortilla I brought back from the restaurant. Maybe I’ll just set the can out on the asphalt outside to warm it.
china taste safford
I walked out in the evening and got a banana and fritter from Circle K for tomorrow’s breakfast. China Taste Buffet actually turned out to be open, so I tried it. Not the best I’ve ever had, but surprisingly decent Cantonese food. $8.15 including tax.

The days are supposed to be getting hotter, now. I should leave early in the morning, tomorrow. My plan is to go to Duncan, which is 40 miles. The adventure cycling map warns that there are no services all the way to Duncan, and 77 miles thereafter. However, it is possible to go off-route and stay at Lordsburg after 35 miles. I think that’s what I’ll do, as it will help me acclimate to the altitude.

Miles for today: 6.0 (rest day)

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  1. Now that I look at reviews of the 3 Chinese restaurants in town, I don’t think I missed much. The reviews are positive, but it looks like the American Tourist’s idea of what good Chinese is. EDIT: see above, better than expected

    I found out what the safety pin means. Hope there’s a lot of safety pin folks later on my trip.

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