Packing List

Size and weight are very important on a self-contained tour, so I’m constantly asking myself whether I really need an item, and seek to make items have multiple uses. For example, the tie-down straps for my sleeping bag will double as a belt for my long pants. Here is the list, likely more than you want to know. Feel free to skip it.

Packing List for April 2017 Bike Trip    
  Roderick Notes
Helmet 1  
Sunglasses or goggles 1  
Reading glasses 1  
Cycling shoes 1  
Cycling shorts 1  
Jacket 1  
Gloves 1  
T-shirt 2  
Jersey 1 long sleeve  
Underwear 1  
Cycling socks 3  
Long pants 1  
Button shirt 1  
Sweat pants 1  
Kung-Fu shoes 1 pair  
Sleeping bag 1  
Tent 1  
Ensolite sleeping pad 1  
Groundcloth (tarp) 1 5×7 Harbor Freight free item
Inflatable pillow 2  
Cell Phone LG tracfone  
Charger for above micro USB cable  
GPS Alcatel smart tracfone  
Charger for above micro USB cable  
Netbook 1  
Charger for above 1  
Camera HP 12 MP  
SD cards for camera 2  
Charger for above n/a  
Flash memory reader 1  
Tripod 1  
USB memory stick 4 GB  
AA batteries 2 plus 2 in camera
AA/AAA charger 1  
2032 battery 2  
386 battery 2  
Portable phone charger 1  
Wall USB charger 2 so can charge both phones
grounding adapter 1  
PocketBible 1  
Zoundry Raven    
SYNC Zoundry to Netbook    
Wallet 1  
Passport 1  
Driver’s License    
Credit or Debit card    
Important contacts printed out and laminated    
Adventure Cycling ID    
Car Insurance card    
Medical Insurance card    
Costco card    
AARP card    
Map printouts, off-route    
Dialup numbers    
Contents of wallet list    
Business cards (bike2017 url) 200  
Iron on urls 3  
activation card for smartphone 1  
Bike Accessories and Tools    
Handlebar bag 1  
Rear Rack 1  
Rear Panniers 1 set  
Pump, Compact 1  
Water Bottle Cages 2  
Water Bottles 2  
Rear View Mirror 1  
Cyclometer 1  
New Tires before going 2  
Clip-on LED flasher 1  
Deraileur cable 1  
Brake cable no (non-essential)  
Spare tube 2  
Tire Liners (Mr. Tuffy) 1 set  
Extra spokes check  
Tire boot 1  
Small bolt (for water bottle, rack, etc) 1  
Leatherman tool 1  
Patch kit 1  
Universal Bike Tool 1  
Allen wrenches no  
Presta/Schrader adapter 1  
Tire Irons 1  
Crescent Wrench 1  
Chain Tool 1  
Spoke wrench 1  
Freewheel tool 1 to replace spokes
Brake wrench 1 nothing worse than scraping brake
Duck tape    
Heat Shrink Tubing 2  
Medicine and Toiletries    
Albuterol inhaler 1  
Insect Repellent no get later as needed
Sunscreen 1  
First Aid Kit 1  
Campho Phenique    
Cotton swabs    
Dental Floss    
Toothpick 1  
Razor 1 disposable
Towel 1 sham wow
Nail Clipper 1  
Toilet paper 1 pk a few tissues in ziploc
Comb 1  
Shampoo 1  
Anti-itch lotion 1  
Vitamins 1  
Pot & Handle, Lid 1  
Empty 1 Gal water bottle 1 fill at pinnacles
Cup 1  
Stove 1  
Fuel Bottle 1  
Chopsticks 1  
Small plastic spatula    
Lighter 1  
Can opener no use leatherman
Sponge or scouring pad    
Powdered soap    
Spoon 1  
Fork 1  
Instant Coffee 1 nescafe pre creamed
Freeze Dried Meals 1  
Salami some for early  
bagels 6 dinner, break, lunch from pinnacles
energy bars    
cookies 1 bag  
Paper diary Glyphguy notebook  
Pen 2 pilot G-2
Sharpie 1  
piece of chalk 1  
Stamps some postcard  
LED headlamp 1  
Maps 7 adventure cycling  
Compass / Thermometer 1  
Snot rag 1  
Tie-down straps 2 doubles as belt
Tie-wraps assorted  
Ziploc bags some  
Clothespins 2  
Thin shopping bag 1  
Harmonica 1  
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  1. Costco card? Really? With your weight restrictions? What can you get at Costco that doesn’t come Giganto Size or in many multiples?

    No solar charger? Headlamp? Flashlight?

    Don’t forget some QuikClot (or something similar) for your First Aid kit! (I needed some on a hike…good thing that I had it.)

    Walt says “One toothpick?! Really?!! ONE?!!!” Lol!

    1. I’m posting this as a reflection after finishing the trip. The Costco card was useful. I never set foot inside a single Costco on the trip (Walmarts were common, though). However, the cheapest rent-a-car was through at the end of the trip.

      Right, no solar charger. If I was backpacking, that would have been a good idea. But I was never more than a day from a power outlet, and had my netbook which could be used to charge a phone in a pinch, plus a small external battery which would give me maybe 2/3 of a charge on a phone.

      I did have a headlamp, but the fancy REI one went flaky. I got a $9.99 one at some general store along the way, and it worked on its original set of batteries for the whole trip. Also, my external phone charging battery had a tiny white LED, for use in a pinch (and I did use it). Last resort, just using one of the phones for lighting.

      QuickClot? Never occurred to me. Direct pressure has always worked well for me, even for a big gash that later needed stitches. No bleeding on this trip though – beyond insect bites and rashes. I was super conservative with my riding, moving WAY over or waiting until it was absolutely safe.

      I did pick up a single packaged toothpick at a restaurant on the way, and keep it in my pack. Never used it. I see the point, though – it’s really annoying having something stuck in your teeth, way back where it’s hard to get out. In a pinch, I could have whittled one from a piece of wood lying around. Let’s see, that Oleander bush there looks good… (KIDDING)

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