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New Roads 2, LA

I have only first-world problems. In fact, cream-of-the-first-world problems. The choices I made today were basically what to do on vacation, not whether I can even get a vacation. And the question was how far I would walk through the rain for food, not whether I would eat at all.

The first decision today was whether to stay over in my room, or go on. At 6 am, it was not raining at all, and it looked like I might be able to make it out, at least to cheaper accommodations. But the forecast said:

Heavy thunderstorms.

It was a hard decision, but I elected to stay.

rain stopped at 9
When the rain completely stopped at 9, I regretted my decision to stay. But it was too late to pack up and hit the road.

I decided to look for thrift stores. St. Vincent de Paul was just a few blocks away.

largely empty shopping center
Two blocks away from the tourist district, the landscape was quite different. The Piggly Wiggly supermarket and major restaurant in this center were out of business. In fact, the only things that seemed open were a loan center, a mission, and St. Vincent de Paul store (where I visited looking for local T-shirts).

I didn’t get anything at St. Vincent’s. There was also supposed to be another store, Porter’s, but I couldn’t find it, even though my Google Map said I was right on top of it. It was almost noon, so I went back to the Tiger Drive In that I had passed earlier.

Jack's Tiger Drive In
On the way back, I stopped at Tiger Drive In for lunch. The special was spaghetti and meatballs, in either small or large size. I got a large for $5.75
spaghetti special
Now this was a cyclist’s meal. The meaty sauce had a wine flavor to it. I saved the roll for last, to mop up the last of the sauce.
raining again
As I was eating, it started to rain hard, again. I tried to wait it out, but it wouldn’t let up.
tiny house
I’d have to walk back the 0.2 mile to the motel room. And most of the way was without sidewalk. It would almost be better to be cozy in the tiny house across the street.

I got completely soaked on the way back. At the business right next to the motel, a woman poked her head out and asked whether I wanted to come in to escape the rain. I thanked her, but explained that I was right next door.

One inside the room, I headed straight for the bathroom to remove, wring out, and hang my clothes. I changed into dry clothes. Ironically, as soon as I had done this, the rain stopped.

All right then, not a frustration, but an opportunity. I put my wet clothes and shoes back on, and took some things to the post office to mail home.

special at Satterfield's
The rain stopped, so I walked out to Satterfield’s Restaurant. Kristyn brings a platter with 6 jumbo shrimp and 6 oysters. The price? $10.79 (No, really – it’s the Thursday special). I also got a salad.

Tomorrow, it’s supposed to be rainy again, but I will leave, rain or shine. If it’s off and on rain like today, it should be survivable. The next town on-route with a decent motel is about 100 miles away, so I’m going to try to make it to a motel 9 miles south of Tangipahoa, off-route, which is still 70 miles or so.

Miles today: 0 (not counting walking)

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    1. It seems like all the shrimp are big, here. Maybe they ship the smaller ones out to the rest of the country. Actually, those parsley potatoes might have been the best thing on the plate. Someone put a lot of thought into the seasoning.

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