Navasota, TX

19Jun2017 11:09 pm CDT

High humidity today, and another long ride. I’m at Best Western in Navasota, and unfortunately, the wi-fi here won’t connect to my laptop (phone works fine). That means that I can’t post, so I’m editing offline.


narrow shoulder
Narrow shoulder this morning, with fairly frequent large trucks. Not really an issue. It was heavily overcast all day.


cycling the TIT
I guess I’m on the Independence Trail now.


Burton Short Stop
In Burton, I found the only restaurant open until Navasota.


half pound burger
I’ve already eaten the huge pile of fries in the burger basket. This burger is a half pound – about 4x McDonald’s.


Gay Hill
For some reason, I feel so happy!


closed sun-mon-tue
The store at Independence was closed today, like many of the other businesses along the way.


downtown Navasota
It started raining about 5 miles before Navasota. I zipped up my front bag to keep things dry. At a little before 6 pm, I rolled into Navasota to find almost everything closed. There actually is a Wal-Mart at the far edge of town, out by the motels.

The 3 motels in town were near the intersection of the main street and Highway 6. I soon discovered that there was no direct path to the Best Western or the Comfort Inn, other than going the wrong way on a one-way frontage road, or going a mile or two down the freeway to the next freeway entrance, then coming back and taking that frontage road. I elected to walk my bike the wrong way on the narrow shoulder of the frontage road, to the nearest motel, which was the Best Western.

insect collector's dream
The Best Western was a compromise. Due to the heat and humidity, beetles were rampant. Not a problem for me, I found them interesting, as an amateur entomologist, and former insect collector. The room itself was more upscale than I’m accustomed to, and came with an upscale price or $90 less a 10% AARP discount. A huge fault was that the wi-fi didn’t work with my old Win XP laptop, the same laptop which has given no trouble with any other network.

good size specimen

Tomorrow, my ride will be based on motel locations. The next city with lodging is 20 miles from here (Richards), then the next one after that is another 57 miles. I’m going to break it into two days. The short day tomorrow will allow me to find internet access somewhere in this town. There is a public library, but maybe the McDonald’s nearby will do.

Miles today: 69.4

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