Kerrville, TX

Harder day than usual.

  • Not very overcast, meaning it was hotter.
  • No towns until almost the end of the day, meaning I didn’t get to meet people along the way.
  • Only one long climb, but the distance was still long
  • My SD adapter broke, so I can’t upload pictures

The only people I met were in the morning, before even starting. Dave and Shirley from Cypress, TX (near Houston) were having some morning coffee outside the store. They were staying nearby, but came to use the store’s wi-fi so that Dave could check his email. I got a picture, but will need to get another adapter to upload it.

Update: okay, I got the adapter. Here are the pictures.

Shirley and David
Shirley and David
The first of several wineries in the area. I guess the climate must be good for grapes.
4th summit
Just before the climb to the 4th summit. Steep, like previous days.
mystery skeleton
At the top, there was this skeleton. Guesses? It has both canine and herbivorous teeth.
Riding along the ridge was a lot of the same – rolling terrain, with frequent wildflowers.
orange slice candy
I used orange slice candy for energy. There were no services until virtually the end of the day. Not bad, but this kind is not as tender as Sunkist Fruit Gems. And likely not as efficient as the Gel Shots my friend Linda uses for running.
hill country trail
This route has a new name.
lavish property
This appears to be a wealthy area, with resort cabins, and lavish private residences. This was one of the few swimming pools I’ve seen in Texas. Several houses also had tennis courts. Real estate prices are high for Texas, but cheap compared to San Jose.
This is a river crossing, which is normal road, except with pipes under to let the river flow through. The picture doesn’t show it well, but those among us who fish will notice 4 bass here, 12 to 14 inches long. If only I had a throw net or spear.
boot fence
The famous boot fence which appears in many Southern Tier blogs.
chicken fried steak
A few miles before Kerrville, I found the first store and restaurant of the day at Hunt. I got the special, which was Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Vegetables, and a drink for $9.99 . It was Texas-sized, but I had no trouble finishing it.
sliding the dam
Almost at Kerrville there is the town of Ingram, with a spillway. A group of teens was sliding down. They even had a rope set up so that they could climb back up for another run.

I got into Kerrville at about 4 pm. For some reason, Adventure Cycling follows a serpentine path around the city. My guess is that they were trying to avoid street traffic, but I got lost with all the turns in quick succession. Finally, I just used my android map to get back to highway 27, and stopped at a gas station store. There, I asked the person at the counter where all the motels were. She said on highway 16, which was easy enough to find.

At first, I went to the Y.O. Ranch Resort (listed on the ACA map), but as soon as I walked into the lobby, I suspected it was too fancy. That the lobby resembled the ballroom that Cinderella went to should have been a clue. I asked anyway how much it was, and the front desk confirmed that it was $103 plus tax for one person. I went back down the street to the Lone Star Inn, which looked more humble.

Lone Star Inn
The Lone Star Inn, formerly America’s Best Value Inn. $49.99 for one person, free breakfast.

The A/C is pretty weak, but the room is liveable. It was 85 degrees outside as of 10 pm. I have had the A/C on full since I got here, and it’s 75 inside, according to my thermometer on the floor. If I stand up, my head is in warmer air. The wi-fi here is slow, probably because there are a lot of other people on it. It’s sufficient, especially since I have no pictures to upload. Okay, so the room may not rock, but the toilet does. Every time I sit on it.

I saw cans on the beds of the two rooms next to me. I think they were fogging the rooms.

I’m still pleased to have saved $50 over the other place, and would do it again.

Tomorrow, it’s 21 miles to the next city, Fredericksburg. The next after that is another 45 miles. If everything was lined up and I got an early start, I could make it to the second city. But tomorrow, I’ll need to go to Walmart to look for a new SD adapter. Funny how such a small thing can disrupt an entire day.

Miles today: 55 (estimate, cyclometer battery jarred loose on a bump)

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