Bunkie, LA

breakfast at Krazy Cajun
I went next door to Krazy Cajun for breakfast. Since I had already had coffee at the hotel, I had OJ with breakfast.
Good breakfast for $4.50
I had two biscuits with gravy, and sausage.
Don and Jay
Jay on the right was at the next table having breakfast. He said that Cajun country folk welcome outsiders, but city people don’t. I agree, but think that’s just a general country/city thing. Don on the left was the cook, and used to work in the oil industry. He said that when the industry laid off workers, the effect rippled through the entire economy of the area.
Louisiana Plate Lunch
Louisiana and Hawaii are alike in many ways. They both have plate lunch.
crawfish traps
These are some crawfish traps by a rice field. The hostess at the hotel told me that all rice fields have two crops per year: crawfish, then rice.
painted turtle
I saw my first live turtle today just before Oberlin. I had seen many rolled over or otherwise dead, but this one crawled away as I watched.
trash cage
Many, but not all houses have a cage outside to contain their trash. Maybe flooding is an issue, or wind?
Zydeco Cajun Prarie
Entering Oberlin. I guess I’m now on the Zydeco Cajun Prairie.
shop's grocery
I stopped at Shop’s Grocery for refreshment.
large fan
There was a big fan outside blowing. I cooled myself off before entering.
jumbo shrimp
I went inside to see what kind of shrimp were $6 a pound. They were enormous. Probably would have been $25 a pound in San Jose.
After I got my giant otter pop, I went back to the fan outside. There I met Jordan, who was checking something on his phone. He said he’d pray for me. Turns out he’s a Christian, too. Formerly addicted, but now clean, employed, and trying to do right for his family.
Chilcoots Park
Crossing a bridge in Chilcoots State Park. There was a $3 day use fee, but when I told the ranger at the gate that I was just passing through on a bike route, she let me enter free.
sugar cane
With all the sugar cane growing, this could be old Kahuku. There is also Manini (Bermuda) grass growing, and Taro in the flooded irrigation ditch.
Delaware Punch
At this store on the border of Bunkie, I saw Delaware Punch, so had to try it. Indistinguishable from grape soda, in my opinion.
I checked in at the All Star Motel, which was very reasonable at $48 plus tax. After showering, I walked around to see the nearby stores. There was a laundromat next door, though you would never know because there was no big highway sign.
inside laundromat
I did a load of laundry, with some oxy clean, and the remainder of the shampoo that I brought from California. I must remember, it’s not necessary to bring shampoo. Virtually all motels have it. I only put in two quarters for drying, and the clothes were still damp when I took them out. I put on the pants, hoping to dry them by wearing them to dinner. It didn’t work very well. I was no longer in the desert.

I had dinner at the Rocky’s seafood. Decent food, but somewhat pricey.

Miles: 38 (estimated)

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  1. What an amazing job you are doing chronically every moment. Your pictures and your words really give a sense of place and presence. Lovely

    Sorry that I have been out of touch, but travel and only having the login at work got in the way 🙂 Someday I will be more literate on my computer, but for now, just wanted to let you know that your journey and your story make your friends feel wonderful. Thank you for capturing both!

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