High Springs, FL

I left at 9:20 am. It seems to be more humid in the morning, drying out during the day. Not an especially eventful day.

pigs for sale
Almost all of today’s ride was past large lot houses.
congregational church
The only reason I took this picture was that this was the first Congregational church that I saw since California.
typical road
Typical road for today.

Okay, you know how you can go to the bathroom and do number 1 or number 2? I had the feeling of looming 1.5, and it was 20 miles to the nearest store. I considered just pulling over and going, but there would be no privacy, and I would be doing it in someone’s yard. I passed by a farm that looked vacant and for sale, but there was a swamp-like area on it. As I passed, something big splashed into the water. Didn’t know what it was, and didn’t want to find out, either. My strategy was to hold it, and not drink any more water. I would rinse my mouth with water from the bottle, and spit it out. In that way, I dehydrated, and the pressure passed.

I was so overjoyed to see this sign, the sentinel of a commercial area ahead. In other words, a toilet.
2bing store
This was the only store for 20 miles in either direction, a tubing place. They had some groceries, but no deli food. I ended up just having a strawberry popsicle and gatorade, deferring lunch until the final destination. Tubing down the river is extremely popular here. The entry points had started turning people away, because there were too many.

Because of all the tourists, the thought came to me that the motels in High Springs might be full, or expensive.

High Springs
Back to civilization at last.
Winn Dixie
I had never been in a Winn-Dixie store, so tried this one. There was a lot of empty space inside – wide aisles.
discounted food
I got a $4 package of pineapple and melon spears. It was $1 off because it was about to expire. Also got a package of seafood salad, again $1 off, because of expiration. The fruit was wonderful, salad so-so. My packs make a nice table, just the right height.
which motel?
Country Inn on the left, or Cadillac Motel on the right? Which would you choose?
Cadillac Motel room
Competition is a wonderful thing. This room was $55 plus tax.
power outlet
It was like the remodel of the legacy room was done by a computer engineer. Power outlets were placed in just the right places.
jalousies in motel room
Jalousies and a ceiling fan? What is this, Hawaii?
naked dinner
I did a trial run to a church a mile away, then went back to Winn-Dixie to get dinner. They had a $6 meal that includes chicken and two sides. Once I got back to the room, showered, then enjoyed my meal. The green beans are already gone in this picture.

I’m only checked in for one night. Tomorrow, I will visit church, then go 18 miles into Gainesville, seeking out the hostel there. Goal for Monday is Palatka, then St. Augustine the next day.

Miles today: 52.7

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