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Gautier, MS

Very hot and humid today. Went further than I had planned, and not by choice. Will have to update later. Trying to rest quietly in my tent. Only way to be comfortable is to fan myself, but then I can’t sleep.

bicycle sign
Took me a little while to figure out what this sign was trying to say.
POW camp
One campsite was called POW camp. Locals thought it was left over from the Civil War.
There were six concrete kennels like this one. I imagine that at one time there were iron bars.
Larue Baptist
There was virtually no shade along the way, and the day was hot, humid, and almost windless. I stopped at the porch of the Baptist Church in Larue to have lunch under the shaded porch.

After lunch, the sun occasionally would slip behind a cloud, and I was grateful every time it happened.

gas station store
This store near Vancleave was the first one I saw since the start of the day.
sign in Vancleave
The sign doesn’t report the high humidity.
White Sands is closed
I had hoped to stay at this park, but it was closed.
Journey's End RV park
Instead, I went 6 miles down highway 57 (off route), to this place.
Connie, the manager, shows the kitchen in the Rec Room that they plan to open up soon.

When the air-conditioned Rec room opens, I could see hanging out there for long periods, especially in the humidity. That’s what I did back at Camp Wood in Texas.

The site was formerly a KOA, so still has Kabins. They are also preparing some new trailers, which will be worth it, once they come on line. A/C is worth a lot, here.
Tuckey, the owner, was taking a few people out to dinner in Biloxi, and invited me to come along. These are the sunset clouds, taken from the car window.
fresh salad
Biloxi is full of casinos. We ate at the Imperial Palace Buffet at one of them. Freshest salad since California.
Brenda, Tuckey, Connie, me, Jimmy
L-R: Brenda (Connie’s mother, believe it or not), Tuckey (Journey’s end owner), Connie (manager), me, Jimmy (a resident at Journey’s End). Jimmy was a former shop and vocational teacher.
fireworks shells
We went to Ocean Springs Beach later to shoot off some fireworks, which were legal in Mississippi for the 4 weeks surrounding the 4th of July. Jimmy is preparing a mortar which launches an exploding shell, just like a professional display, only smaller.
roman candles
Roman candles. Some local kids were shooting this type of thing at each other.

There was very little wind at the campsite, so it was not an easy sleep in my tent with all the heat and humidity. If I had an RV with my own A/C, or if their cabins were online, that would be a different story. So right now, it’s looking like my two days in Mississippi will be 100% camping.

Goal for tomorrow is Trav-L-Kamp near Grand Bay. It would be some 45 miles via the ACA route, but I plan to follow the Google route of mostly Hwy 90, which is more like 30 miles. And I might have a chance of finding services along the way.

One of the ACA options is to head up to Mobile, bypassing the Dauphin Island ferry. But I’ve decided to ride the standard Dauphin route.

Miles: 56.0