Del Rio, TX

Today probably got to 98 degrees. It certainly felt hotter in Del Rio. On its own, the heat did not qualify this is a hard day, but on top of the bugs and heat last night, I decided to call this hard. Whatever bit me last night left welts that did not go away. I seem to have no immunity to the mosquitoes here.

I got into Del Rio at about 4 pm, and checked into a motel for 2 nights. Need a rest day. Will update later.

Okay, I’m back. Thursday morning, I woke at sunrise, to the sound of buzzing flies. For some reason, flies seem to congregate in the trees, here. No, they were not bees. I had my breakfast sandwich, but no coffee. Went back to the visitor’s center. It wasn’t officially open, but Susan let me in to use the bathroom. At the outside spigot, I made sure all my bottles were topped off, doused myself liberally, and set off a few minutes before 8.

In theory, it should have been a slightly easier day than the previous one. The distance was the same, but I was starting earlier. And there was a rest stop in the middle. In reality, the day was harder, on account of heat.

hwy 90 out of Langtry
The early road out of Langtry. What I like about this view is that everything in the distance seems downhill.
no diving
No diving off the bridge into the Pecos River.
200 foot drop
Who would want to dive off this bridge? The sign must have gone up because someone actually tried to do it. That overlook building at the top right is one or two stories tall.
defunct gas station
More deserted and abandoned businesses.
mystery animal
I saw this roadkill, but realized it was something new. Look at those paws. Recognize it?
mystery animal shell
Pieces like these were scattered in the area. Recognize the animal now?
Rosy's gordita
I got into Comstock at about 11:30. There actually was no cool of the morning, only non-hot of the morning. My choices for lunch were J & P Bar and Grill, and the newly-opened Rosy’s Tacos. I got two gorditas at Rosy’s. Very good.
Augustine, Jack, Missy
This is Augustine, the owner, on the left, along with Jack and Missy, two locals who just celebrated their 50th anniversary. Missy actually was born and raised in Comstock, and was a high school science teacher there for 31 years.
Amistad Reservoir
This was more water than I’d seen in two or three weeks.
Blue Alligator Ice
The grades weren’t too steep, but the heat drained my strength. It may have been 100 degrees, but fortunately, there was a cooling headwind. I stopped at an Exxon station 10 miles out of town There were no popsicles, so I got a slushie. instead. Too cold, throat freeze.
Del Rio strip
Del Rio is a large city, with Wal-Mart and all the usual chain stores. I noticed a Wendy’s, where I got my usual large Frosty with wi-fi connection.

There were myriad choices for lodging. The Whispering Palms Motel was listed on the ACA map, so I inquired. It was $65 plus tax a night, which was more than I had been paying recently. And also, I wanted to stay 2 nights. The front desk person introduced me to the owner, who said to give me $55 a night. Still a tad high, considering that I really don’t need much, just a shower and a bed. But I took it.

The man at the desk recommended the steakhouse next door, but I decided to seek out Chinese food a couple blocks away. It was closed, unfortunately.

I ended up eating at Long John SIlver’s across the street from the motel. If I had known the green beans would be so good, I would have made both my sides green beans. The place was also an A&W, so of course, I had a root beer float.

After dinner, I lay down on the bed, too tired to blog. Good thing I’m staying over tomorrow.

Miles: 60.4

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  1. I’m glad you’re taking a day to rest. If the air temperature is 98F , I’m guessing the asphalt temperature could be 150F. The air temperature immediately above asphalt could also be quite a bit over 98F.

    1. Brian going the other way took 2 days in Del Rio also, I think, after being exhausted from the Texas Hill country. The good thing about this heat so far, is that it’s dry, so with a little breeze, and as long as I have water, I’m fine.

  2. You’re looking pretty dark, Rod. Hope you’re staying covered and using lots of sunscreen. I’m amazed you’re cranking out so many miles considering the temperatures! But it looks like you’re finally leaving the wastelands for the vast farms and ranches of the Hill Country. Have you passed the halfway point of the entire ride?

    More importantly… Texas has the best BBQ in the country, and you’re choosing Chinese and Long John Silver’s? Really? The heat must be getting to you. If there’s one thing they do really well in Texas, it’s cook meat. Seriously, I see there’s a Rudy’s BBQ about a mile back up 90 near the WalMart. Reasonable prices, no frills (butcher paper instead of plates), great brisket, pork ribs… messy eating, but worth a visit.

    1. Thanks for the tip, I’ll look for BBQ! I did see the Rudy’s sign coming into town, but thought it was just another place like Denny’s. I actually haven’t seen that many places advertising BBQ. In the smaller towns that I’m passing through, I’m lucky to get a sandwich at the gas station convenience store. If there’s a gas station. There were none for the 90 mile stretch between Sanderson and Comstock.

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