Bump in the Road

A self-contained bike tour is about being flexible and improvising when necessary. My being behind schedule in packing notwithstanding, I hit my first bump in the road. And the trip has not even started, yet. The following came in email last Friday:

cancellation notice

Of course, by the time I saw the email, it was evening. Kaiser told me that they could do nothing, as the coverage was terminated by Covered California. Covered California is closed on the weekends, so tomorrow, the day I was scheduled to leave, I’ll try to straighten this out.

Embarking on Monday now seems unlikely. Keep a positive thought, please. I’m trying REALLY hard to stay positive.

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    1. Good point. Looks like at least 2 days delay, now. On the positive side, I was behind on packing, anyway, and this allowed me to proceed at a reasonable pace. The physical gear is mostly packed, but there’s more that I can do on the IT side. I have a ton of people that I should probably tell that I’m going. Rest of the family will be staying home, so no issues with locking the house down.

  1. Okay, everything is fixed. My CoveredCa history shows about 25 individual updates due to this issue alone. What a mess. Glad that’s over. Do any other first world countries have to deal with this kind of thing?

    On the bright side, this gave me much-needed time to pack, and when I move out tomorrow, the weather should not be rainy like it was earlier in the week.

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