Amite, LA

Morel’s Inn had only coffee, no breakfast. Moreover, there was no very close place to get food. I walked 0.5 mile to the nearest gas station, and got a boudin, a piece of lemon cake, and an orange.  As you can see, I retain a few plastic bags from other stores for later use.  Maybe that’s a California habit.  Everywhere else, plastic bags are free at stores, and nobody thinks twice about throwing a perfectly good one away.
Mississippi river bridge in LA
The Mississippi is broad, here. I measured the bridge with my odometer, and it was over 2 miles long.
I was hoping for a “Welcome to Slaughter” sign, but this will do.
Paw Paw's Grocery
It was 11 am when I reached Paw Paw’s Grocery in Slaughter. It was the first store I had seen since New Roads, and as I was uncertain about whether there would be more along the way, I stopped for lunch.
Paw Paw's Grocery
That was an audacious claim on the sign – best burger you’ve ever eaten. Notice that they also have boiled peanuts.
burger and boiled peanuts
I got boiled peanuts, and a burger. The sign about the burger being the best I would ever have was not far from the truth. The boiled peanuts were a little softer than the Hawaiian kind, but good. I only ate some of them, and put the rest in a ziploc for the road.
Debbie Darcy and Melissa Blalock
Debbie (L) and Melissa (R) were working in the store. I gave Debbie a card, and she later agreed that kindness is important, and she tells her grandchildren that it costs us nothing. Debbie actually prayed for me on the spot before I left. It was the highlight of the day.
hwy LA-16
The day consisted of short zig-zags on smaller roads, but the last 20 miles were on Hwy 16, which had a fairly wide and clean shoulder.
There were lots of casinos in this area. Three of them were lined up with 3 gas stations in this strip.
daquiri place
A uniquely Louisianan phenomenon was the drive-up daquiri shop.
Colonial Inn, Amite, LA
According to Google Maps, the Colonial Inn was right where this large tree was. I circled around and around the area, and even asked a local. No such place.
I had transcribed Google Directions, and was ready to claim that they worked for once. They got me to Amite (rhymes with Hay-Meet), but there was that problem with the destination not existing.
100 degrees
It was hot, but didn’t feel as hot as this sign suggested.
Viral Patel
I went to one of the chain motels, the Comfort Inn. Typically, these are more than I need, and I avoid them if possible. A man engaged me outside, and talked about the southern tier. Viral (vee-RAHL) turned out to be the owner, actually, owner of eight motels, including the other one in town. Still, he came to fix the lock on my room himself. It was supposed to be a quick operation, but actually took some finangling to make the parts fit. As an engineer, the entire mechanism was highly interesting to me.
drape pull
Before leaving, Viral noticed that the drape pull was missing a bolt. It was taking a while, so I told him it wasn’t important to me. He said that he would give me a discount on the room for my inconvenience.
Mike's Catfish Inn
I went to dinner at the Catfish Inn next door. The place was packed.
perfectly good floor shrimp
The staff was scurrying about delivering food to people. No one noticed the shrimp on the floor by my table. At a different time, I might have picked it up and eaten it.
Small catfish plate was $14. But that included a trip to the salad bar, making it all worthwhile.

It did not rain all day.

Miles today: 72.1

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  1. Looks like you made good mileage and got lucky with the rain on this leg. Re the Colonial Inn, I think you went about a mile too far to Central Ave. Google Maps and Street View shows it does exist on the northwest side of the I-55 interchange you went under as you came into Amite.

    Plenty of healthy (ahem, ahem) deep fried comfort food in the south. That catfish looks really good! Fresh crawfish is on our to-do list, but I think it’s more in season in the spring. Had a chance to try that yet?

    1. In my previous city, I had searched for Motels in Amite, and “colonial inn central ave” came up as a suggestion. Clicking on that must have simply routed me to Central Ave, and not the motel. I’ll have to backtrack today and see whether the Colonial is really there.

  2. Sigh, Rod… I was hoping to see a selfie of you with the Mississippi River in the background. 🙁

    Boiled peanuts? o_O Drive-up daiquiris? More catfish?

    No eating off the floor, please…

    1. Oh, sorry about that. I never thought of crossing the Mississippi as a milestone, since we crossed it so many times in our 2007 tour.

      Drive-through Daquiris … does anyone else sense a flaw in this concept?

      And to the last point, hey, dogs eat off the floor, and their mouths are cleaner than humans!

  3. As an Illinois native, I’ve seen the Mississippi, so it’s not like I’m deprived. I just thought it would be a nice picture and memory for you (being, as it is, one noteworthy geographical feature of our country). (I hadn’t realized that you’d been over it before… but then again, every time I’m in Yosemite, I take more pictures, even though I’ve been there before, too! And if I’m correct, you hadn’t made this particular crossing before…)

    As for floor eating… dogs have more defenses for that than we do. They have more stomach acidity for starters, and I have to suspect that maybe there is also something protective in their saliva (otherwise I think I’d have had a very sick dog, given all of the frogs and lizards he has gotten).

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