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Back to San Jose

I was feeling about 50% well this morning, but had to make my flight. I was scared to touch any food, and not looking forward to getting on a plane while already slightly nauseous. I had a difficult time sleeping because of aching muscles.

before haircut
I had some time before my flight, and couldn’t eat, so decided to get a haircut, my first in 3 months. They were too busy at Walmart, so I found the closest place, Roni’s Haircuts, on Google Maps. I was confused at first, because the sign said “Julia’s Salon.” Julia must be his partner.
A precision haircut.
Roni and Scott
On the left is Roni, the stylist. He was originally from Albania, but had been here 10 years. On the right is Scott, a regular customer since he moved from Orlando to Jacksonville 5 years ago. Scott was getting cleaned up to attend a baby shower for his youngest brother (he had 1 twin and two other brothers).
blogging at JAX
Jacksonville airport has convenient outlets for charging devices.

There was a 3-hour layover in Charlotte, NC. I had a little bit of food, and was able to keep it down, although my stomach still felt weird.

The 5-hour flight back to San Jose, CA was smooth by normal standards, but hard on me because I was already a little nauseous, and had little sleep. It seemed to last forever.