Back to See the Baby Kiwis

Jan 11, 2020. Merrianne had booked a Kayak trip for this day, but since she was the only one on it, it got canceled. So we had a free day. We walked back to the Rainbow Springs Kiwi Center, since we had not seen the baby Kiwi the last time. They check them in the morning, and all we do is observe their normal procedures from behind glass.  The same guy, Shane, was at the window when we arrived, and recognized us.  He let us in for just $10 each.

Again, we were not allowed to take pictures in the Kiwi Centre, but here is one of the cold case in the cafeteria. I believe they also had a Kiwi Burger, but the description was careful to mention that it was 100% NZ grass-fed beef (contains no Kiwi).
This is Whitcoulls in downtown. School supplies are remarkably cheap. Perhaps subsidized by the government? Merrianne picked up a notebook for 9¢.
We didnt have breakfast, but had lunch at a Turkish place in town. The combo included chips (=fries) and choice of smoothie or juice. Their smoothie cup is a bit smaller than what would be customary in the USA.

We went back to the library, where Merrianne did more email, and I worked on this blog. I had brought my netbook along this time. Also, I took a short nap on the lawn, like the day before.

There is a track that follows the stream behind our AirBnb. We explored it for just a little way. It’s a trout spawning area, so the stream is protected.

Tomorrow, Sunday, the 12th, we jump on the Skip bus for a 4-hour ride to Auckland.

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