No colder than Tahoe

This morning, we each had coffee and half an avocado in our tiny room, then jumped on the #29 bus to the International Antarctic Center by the airport.

One of the first things we did there was ride in a Hägglund, a vehicle designed for use in Antarctica, over an obstacle course. It feels a little like a Thai Song Teow, until the ride starts. We went over a field of tires, over logs, across crevasses of several feet, up 45-degree slopes on a 21-meter hill, then jumped off the other side.

Cold roon. The wind isn’t blowing, so it’s only 17 °F. The thermometer drops considerably when they turn on the fans to simulate a storm, but is still no colder than Lake Tahoe in Winter. Or the environmental chamber I used to work in at HP. Of course the real Antarctica can get much colder.

We found that there was a free shuttle that went back downtown, so we took that, ending up at the Canterbury Museum. Best museum we visited so far.

One feature the Canterbury Museum had was a study of 1000 throughout the years. There were representative displays of each decade. Can you tell which decade this is?

Also at the Canterbury, life size world’s largest (extinct) parrot.