Weta Cave and Te Papa

Jan 6, 2020.

This was our first AirBnb on the trip, and morning coffee wasn’t included. But we had hoarded instant coffee from previous rooms. To conserve precious sugar packets, we used hot chocolate packets for sweetening.
Pie for breakfast. Merriane is sitting at the dining table, where we do our computer work.
Belle’s refrigerator had Maori words on it. Notice Taki, Rua, Toru, Wha – very much like Hawaiian Ekahi, Elua, Ekolu, Eha (1, 2, 3, 4). Note that in Maori, the “wh” combination is usually pronounced as an “f”.
We walked to the Weta Cave to look at movie models. On the way over, we got lost, and it was stressful recovering, as we had to check in by our reservation time at the Weta Workshop, or lose it with no refund. We made it. With a few exceptions, no pictures were allowed inside.

We found the Hospice Store, which was a real thrift store, not upscale. Got a carryon suitcase for $5. The only drawback was that the handle for rolling was VERY hard to pull out, as the aluminum had been bent. Possibly I can fix it, but I’m worried about making it worse.

For lunch, we found the Chocolate Frog Cafe, inside Palmer’s Nursery.
Merrianne had mushroom penne, I had a DDT sandwhich, which was bacon, tri-tator patties, and GOOD tomatoes on toasted white bread, with hollandaise. Ketchup (or maybe chutney – unusually good) and sour cream on the side.
We took the #24 bus back from downtown, and jumped off at the Pak ‘n Save. Imported from USA!
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    1. It’s a triangular hash brown. The kind I grew up with were iscosceles right triangles, but the NZ kind consistently seem to be 30-60-90 triangles.

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