Meet the Neighbors

Jan 18, 2020. Today, I met some people living nearby.

My camera doesn’t do sunrises well, either.
We had coffee, cold cereal, and bananas for breakfast.
A farmers/flea market runs on Saturday. Ahmad got a big avocado for $1. Wish we could have stayed longer, but had scheduled to meet with neighbors in Ocean View.

We had a quick but good lunch at L&L Drive In, then met with two nearby neighbors, each about 1000 feet away. Ron had lived there 15 years, and Lynn and Richie had only been there 8 months or so.

Most of the pictures of the day are boring things like this, the way Ron gets internet via microwave from south point. So there’s not much worth posting.

After meeting with everyone, we drove to Ocean View Estates, where the lots are smaller, only 1 acre each. 4 separate people told us that sketchy people live up there, and it’s the wild west. Didn’t seem too bad. We saw one lot that was full of abandoned cars, some stacked on top of each other. Possibly someone could be living in one somewhere out there. I didn’t take pictures because I was driving. It seems that in Ocean View Ranchos, there are more nice houses on the 3-acre lots.

Turkey and perfect Avocado sandwich for dinner. Avocado is the one thing here that is cheaper than in California.
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