Hike to Pohue Bay

Jan 20, 2020. We hiked down to the ocean.

First, we drove the convertible to the bottom of Maikai Blvd, then proceeded on foot. It was about 50 minutes down to the beach of the first bay that Elliot and I had visited earlier this year.

Using a fallen frond to knock down a fresh coconut.
Ahmad and I each opened a coconut. Look at all the water in his, some poured into an extra shell for drinking.
When I cracked mine, the water exploded all over my jeans. It dried kind of sticky.

After that first bay, we turned left and walked another mile to Pohue Bay. There was a smooth green sand beach there, but it still wasn’t very crowded – probably because it takes a jeep to get there without hiking.

Ahmad went in 3 times for snorkeling. I stayed in the shade at the shore.
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