Tastes Like Chicken

We put all our heavy stuff into a $12 airport locker, and took the Skytrain around Brisbane.

Prices at the station in Central Brisbane were outrageous. A Big Mac was something like AUS$15. But we found a Woolworth’s Metro Mart across the street, with excellent prices. Merrianne’s chicken avocado sandwich was AUS$2.52. I had a Cheese and Tomato (toe-MAH-toe) Toastie (=grilled cheese sandwich) for $3.50
Next stops were the museums. The Queensland Museum had fossils and a Spider Show. The Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) had this flowing river in one of the rooms.
Another room with a huge pond, and water dripping into it.
Lunch at the GOMA outdoor cafe. Reasonably priced at $15 for a bacon burger with the works and fries. Aus dollars. And no tipping. Can you see what they dip their fries in? Hint: Pulp Fiction
Bin Chicken
The GOMA grounds were full of these Ibises. They’re about the size of a turkey, and locally known as Bin Chickens. They had no fear of humans, and swooped down on any unattended table as soon as people left. Cafe staff had to chase them away.

A local told us that this Goanna is a Frilly Lizard. There were several, about 2 feet long including the tail. They were scavenging, along with the pigeons and bin chickens. No one paid them any mind.
Got this bag of chips for the amazing price of $2. I can honestly say it Tasted Like Chicken. Ended up thowing most of them away. No space in the pack, and not that good, anyway.

There was no trouble getting back to the airport in plenty of time, but I forgot to empty the water bottles before going through security. I was presented with the choice of drinking it all on the spot, or going out, dumping it, and going through security all over again.

I might be able to drink 32 ounces. I was kind of dehydrated from the day. Chugging it fast might be hard, though. Finding a bathroom afterwards wouldn’t be a problem. Possibly, Merrianne could drink 8 ounces. What would you have done?

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