B&B View and a BBQ

Jan 17, 2020. Woke up near sunrise, checked out of the hostel.

Breakfast in town at Java Lava. Tourist prices.
A lizard we saw on a trash can just before checking out of the hostel.

We stopped at Home Depot for some gloves and a measuring tape. I got cash back from the purchase. In the parking lot, we asked a local where a good beach nearby might be. He said try Old Airport beach, makai of Target, and that he and his wife often picked up Killer Tacos to eat at one of the numerous picnic areas there.

We checked out Old Airport Beach, which was by the old Kona Airport. The long parking lot seems to have been the landing strip. Imagine a time when this was the main airport, when there was really no security for getting onto planes.
Old Airport Beach.
Lunch at Killer Tacos. I even got a shirt.
This is the AirBnb that we have for 2 nights at the end of Lauhala St. The deck outside our room was cool and breezy. Merrianne, I think you would have liked it here.

This fly trap was out, and apparently very successful. There was a lizard perched nearby taking advantage of the flies that were lured to the outside.
My cheap camera doesn’t capture sunsets well.
John, our host, offered us some Honey Moonshine. I asked for just a teaspoonful, and couldn’t even finish that. It was super strong. He also gave us some bananas, which we saved for breakfast the next morning.

Since there was a propane grill, Ahmad and I went to get a steak and vegetables at the nearby Ocean View Market. It was the first time I’d ever seen rain in Ocean View.


The sky eventually cleared, and the stars were brilliant against the moonless sky.

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