A Day Lived Over Again

Jan 16, 2020. Merianne and my joint trip is technically over, since she went to Palau, and I went to Hawaii. But I’ll blog my days here, anyway.

I crossed the international date line going from Auckland to Hawaii, so get to live Jan 16th all over again. My plane left at midnight, so I pretty much went right to sleep. I had an empty seat next to me, so could stretch out a bit more to sleep. I slept right through dinner, but discovered later that the attendant had left a dinner bag on the seat next to me (the window seat). I put this into my pack for later consumption.

The airline dinner also included apple slices and a cookie. I ate it at the airport after landing. What’s a BAP?

My friend Ahmad picked me up in our rental car – a Mustang Convertible. They upgraded him at no charge. I guess convertibles are less popular in the rainy season.

We drove to the Kona Beach Hostel. Annie was the owner, and we talked with Jessica, a young woman from Poland working there in exchange for lodging. It was crowded – our dorm room had all 8 beds filled. It was warm and humid, but there was a fan blowing.

We walked into town for dinner, had Thai food – Pad Kee Mao and Som Tum.

It rained lightly as we walked back to the hostel. In one of the common areas outside, we talked at length with a guy about our age from Arizona named Steve. The younger people gathered at a different table.

Sorry, no pictures from that day, other than the sandwich. I was out of blogging mode.

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