So this is what Professor Xavier feels like

This morning, we jumped on the bus and moved to a new hotel.

This is the BreakFree hotel, where we are staying tonight and tomorrow. Cheaper than the previous one, and right in the city center.
The inside of BreakFree looked more like a bar than a hotel. Check-in was at the back.

Check-in wasn’t until the afternoon, but we were able to store our bags at the hotel until that time. I (Roderick) kept my full pack with me.

Breakfast at the Fresh Choice supermarket. Good Chicken Avocado sandwich.
This is from an article that was on the table while we were eating breakfast. The newspaper had asked people what they thought it would mean to be Kiwi in the 2020’s. I wasn’t sure about what “munted” means, but believe the American equivalent is f**ked.
We walked around town in the morning. There were ruined buildings all over Christchurch (ChCh), from the 2011 earthquake.
Rememberance Arch.
My left foot was really starting to hurt at this point.

After a sushi lunch, we went to a nearby museum.

At one of the art museums, we checked my pack, and I got into a wheelchair. My foot rested enough so that I could make it back to the hotel afterwards. Being in a wheelchair is awkward. I don’t even like going through crowds on foot.

We walked a couple blocks in town and shared a salad with chicken and lamb at a Turkish place.
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