All my problems are first world problems

Roderick here. Winter is not my season. I’m exhausted. It’s past midnight, and we’re still doing last minute fire drills for the trip, like arranging for late check-in at the hotel. Should be simple, right? But I found out that our land line is blocked from calling internationally, and I don’t have the password for the right member tools to un-block it. Merrianne’s cell, though AT&T, can’t call internationally on her present plan. My cheap $4.12/mo tracfone, oddly enough, is able to call internationally, and New Zealand is the same price as calling next door. But the connection was so crappy, we kept saying “Hello, Hello?” and I had to call back a second time. Same lousy connection again. After minutes of repeating ourselves, I was able to communicate our name, and she was able to communicate that she would contact us on Expedia messages. We didn’t know how to use Expedia messages, but we learned. Still a bunch of items to go on the list. Tomorrow. Sleep now.

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