No Orange Pants

Breakfast at Burger King in town. Egg Bene (breakfast sandwich), hash browns, coffee. We couldn’t just say plain coffee, we had to choose one of the list. I got a cappucino, for example.
BK toilet sign.
I saw this sign and had to take a picture. It largely reflects the Kiwi attitude, at least from what I saw. I wondered for a while whether it was associated with the Hawaii Zippy’s.
No, Zippy Central is its own coffee shop.
There were a lot of second-hand shops in town, including this one, Mandy’s $3 Clothing. Absolutely everything was $3, including full jackets, including jeans. If this was in San Jose, I would have gotten 10 pairs of jeans and sweats. I decided that I didn’t want extra bulk while traveling, though. Merrianne wanted me to go back, to get jeans that were the right length. These were too long, and would need to be cuffed like the ones I brought on the trip. There was one pair of jeans that fit perfectly, but it was kind of orange, and Merrianne vetoed it. She did get a lavender rashguard for herself for $3.
There were also dollar stores, where things weren’t actually a dollar. These sets of magnets were about $7 each. If it was at home, I would have got a few, to learn Maori words. But the magnets were heavy. Not for travel.
The Fancy Meow, a cat cafe, a restaurant where there are cats running around. Because of my allergies, we didn’t go in.
Pak ‘n Save salad with chicken and cashews for dinner.
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