The Most Durable Plates Ever

LeMenu Plates
Actually two are genuine LeMenu plates, and two are Stouffer’s.

When we got married 25 years ago, we had about 6 LeMenu plates – the type on the left in the picture. These may have already been several years old at the time. We also got 9 Noritake china plates as wedding gifts – the type on the right above.

And look what’s left today: The LeMenu plates now outnumber the Noritake. Ironically, the LeMenu plates were considered so cheap and expendable that they were used over and over to microwave things, or whenever a little tray was needed to hold small parts. Actually, I think the 2 lost LeMenu plates were used at catch basins under potted plants. I wish that frozen dinners would come with these plates today. I would pay more for a dinner, just to get that plate.

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