Every other site that I maintain is project-oriented.  This one is different, in that it’s more introspective, and non-technical.  I am a Christian, but this is not exclusively a blog about Christianity or my walk therein.

Why don’t I just use Facebook?  I do have a Facebook page, but find that there is too much noise there.  Hopefully, things I post here will have more depth.

The header image is by Christina Sue Lee.  Her bookmark was posted in the public library as a contest entry, but I had no way to ask her for permission to use the image.  Ms. Lee, if you want me to take down the image, I would be glad to do so.  Just send an email to yahoo.com, user name roderick_young, and I’ll get in touch to verify your identity.

Also, if your comments are not appearing, they may have been automatically classed as spam. Please send me an email, and I’ll try to fix it.

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