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Samsung M2820-DW Laser Printer Install on Ubuntu

When I first got my wireless printer from Samsung, it had no problems on Windows. Ubuntu Linux 18 and 20 auto-discovered the printer, but when I tried to print a simple page on it, reams of paper came out, with just a few garbage characters on each page.

The procedure outlined below worked for me. I don’t even know whether they are optimum or not. Would similar steps work for other printers, or even other Samsungs? I don’t know, maybe?

Open Ubuntu Settings, and go to Devices -> Printers. Click the green Add button.
There might a a lot of printers auto-detected, or there might be only one. Choose the one that looks like a serial number follwed by .local. Click the green Add button.
If the driver isn’t already on the system, this box may pop up. Click Apply.
Point a browser at localhost:631 , and choose the Printer tab. Note that the driver reports itself as “driverless, cups-filters 1.20.2”. On the Ubuntu 20 system, the filter version was 1.27.4. The last printer on the list above is Raw. It came up automatically, and is the one that prints garbage when things are sent to it.