Fixing a remote control
This is me. I don’t have a dedicated workbench, so usually just spread out old newspaper or a magazine.

Hi, and thanks for visiting! Roderick Young here.  This blog is to capture ideas that I find interesting, the majority of which will be small projects.  Any major project will break off into its own blog.

Helping is my joy.

Fixing things is my skill.

Your comments are more than welcome, either by commenting, or by email at the address below. However, to comment, you must first register. Please also send me a personal email to say that you registered, so the registration doesn’t get deleted as spam.  Note to gmail users: my ISP doesn’t handle ipv6 well, so the registration process won’t work – gmail will reject attempts to send you a password.  Please email me directly, and I’ll set up an account for you manually.

p.s. If I’ve put up a picture that I shouldn’t, please let me know; I can fix it. Or if you want the higher resolution version of any picture, I probably have it. The blog has low resolution in order to save space.

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