Larson’s Barn, MN

June 26, 2010.

Yesterday was a rather uneventful ride. We did 56 miles. No rain, but no burning sun, either.


Black flies swarmed, but we were protected by repellent. I slapped one on Elliot’s back while we were riding, then took this picture.


Elliot called out, “Bunnies!” I looked around, and saw two on the road shoulder. As we passed, about 10 of them scampered into the ferns. I tried to take a picture, but they were already hiding pretty well.

We had the option of taking a resort room earlier on the trail, but Elliot wanted maximum distance for the day.

So here we are at Larson’s Barn Campground. It was a Barn Dance Hall until last year, and is still rented out for weddings and community events. As we rode up, the owner, Lenny Larson, was mowing the lawn with his riding mower. He stopped to greet us and show us the campground, but said that his wife would be by later to sign us in. There were two campground dogs that walked right up and made themselves at home at our campsite. Lenny told us that they grew up on the campground, and like to mooch food from campers.


Lenny Larson


The wood in the foreground we put there to cover dog poop

This is a very nice place with gentle breezes. There’s a fire ring, and actual electric outlets intended for RV hookups. I got to recharge my cell phone. Wi-fi was too much to hope for on this huge field, but amazingly, when I turned on the laptop, there was an access point, and the signal is good.


Elliot sketching by firelight


The inside of the Dance Hall

The next morning (as I type now), I found Lenny and told him that his wife never did come by to settle up. He said he spoke with her, and she said that since we were bicyclists, it would be all right if we stayed for free. So I’d like to put in a plug for them. It has a view of gorgeous Big Sandy Lake, and would be great for a country wedding.

Larson’s Barn, on Hwy 232, intersection of 240th Ave and 480th St. by Big Sandy Lake.


  1. Kendra says:

    That bunny is so cute! Mom and I saw a bunny when we went hiking yesterday, but it was brown. I didn’t know there were white ones in the wild.

    • roderick says:

      They were all colors, so I think they could have been descended from escaped pets. Food is not a problem for rabbits, here.