Glidden, WI

July 1, 2010 8:30 pm

The Hayward KOA sells breakfast, so I got biscuits and gravy, and Elliot got a pancake sandwich.


I notice that all over this sandy area, there are ant holes.


The ants don’t bite, fortunately.

We got a very late start, leaving the KOA after 11. We went back to Hayward to get groceries at Northern Foods. The prices were really good, 12 oz package of cookies for $1, and postcards 5/$1. Had we more carrying capacity, I would have stocked up. We then went to McDonald’s, where we redeemed Elliot’s card for a free 10-piece McNuggets meal. We didn’t get out of Hayward until noon.

The ride down highway 77 was uneventful, so I’ll just share the common scenery.


These yellow flowers lined the road all the way over


Lakes and ponds were also very common.

We reached Clam Lake at about 4:30, and got drinks at the store. Elliot had two SunnyD’s. There was a motel in Clam Lake, so we might have stopped there for the day, but Elliot said he was fine with going another 17 miles to the next town. Glidden is important, because it has the only Co-op network ATM within 2 days range, and I’m almost out of cash.

There is free camping in the city park, but notice what Glidden’s claim to fame is on the sign: “The Black Bear Capital.” What would you do, camp, or take a motel?


Schroeder’s Motel

It’s pronounced “Schrader,” like the tire valve. The room was $50 including tax, and was cavernous. I don’t know how the motel makes a profit, everything is so reasonable. The pop machine is 50ยข. Everything is well-kept. By the way, the place is for sale – 5 apartments and 6 motel rooms, for $199,990.



Elliot had downed an entire bag of Snyder’s mustard pretzel bits between Clam Lake and Glidden, so he was not hungry. I went to the restaurant down the block alone, where I had (on waitress Emily’s recommendation) a fabulous NY strip steak complete dinner, with salad and relish plate, for $10.99. Merrianne, I wish you were here to share it. And Stephanie McIntosh, tell Kelly that the restaurant’s name was the The Green Lantern.


We went 54.7 miles today.


  1. Julie says:

    The weather looks incredible and you are both looking well for the wear ๐Ÿ™‚

    It is amazing the little gems that you find along the way…

    • roderick says:

      Thanks, Julie! No doubt, you’ll find as many gems on your upcoming trip.