Weird Stuff We’re Bringing

Like backpacking, self-supported bicycle touring is all about size and weight. It’s pretty common for cyclists to post their equipment lists. I could send you ours, too, if you really wanted to see it (it’s a 4-page spreadsheet). But here are a few of the more interesting items (okay, not so weird) in our packs:

Nylon straps to secure the tent and sleeping bag to the rack. Bungee cords are heavier, and can’t secure as wide a range of loads. Straps will make just about any cardboard box into a backpack, or a suitcase with a handle. Also, they can be worn as fashionable belts.

Gotta have chopsticks. They’re both eating and cooking utensils.

Tie wraps. If anything comes loose, they stand at the ready

See the little release tab on the latch of the tie-wrap? That lets us use them over and over again.

An iPod Touch. I don’t have an iPhone, but that would work, too. This is not so much for playing music, as to run a few handy applications, like an alarm clock and Bible. It’s also a quick way to get on the internet at a Wi-Fi hotspot.

If I’m going to carry an instrument, what could be lighter?

Kung Fu Shoes. Not to do martial arts or anything, but because they are simply the thinnest, lightest shoes for off-bike use, that can still pass for shoes. I could wear these into church or a 4-star restaurant, because nobody really looks at men’s shoes, anyway.

No GPS, intentionally. I want to interact and ask for directions. Also on the “no” list: pepper spray, air horn, weapons of any kind. Except of course, my Secret Illegal Ninja Moves from the Government.

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