Thoughts on Grafting

That’s not a typo. Grafting, not Drafting. What does it have to do with a bike trip? Read on…


I love Fuji apples. I think Fuji apples are just about the best fruit on the whole planet. Our neighbor has a fantastic Fuji apple tree, and even said we could help ourselves to what hangs over the fence – and that’s a lot. But our own apple tree (see above) has only a few, mushy apples. So, I thought it would be great to take some twigs from our neighbor’s tree, and graft them onto our tree.

Now, I’m no orchardman. Grafting is still a black art to me. I read up on it in gardening books and the internet. I sterilized all my tools with Clorox, selected the most likely-looking scions, and followed all the instructions, sealing up everything with beeswax. But in the end, it will be God who decides what will happen. Some will grow vigorous and verdant, while others will shrivel and die.


The philosophers among you will no doubt already grasp the significance. But for everyone else, let me elaborate. The point is simply this: I will spend all this time getting equipment, maps, and trying to plan for contingencies, but in the end, God decides. I cannot control the weather, flight cancellations, road closures, health issues, and who knows what else might pop up. Your prayers are not only welcomed, but ardently solicited.

But grafting does have one more tie-in, and it is the following:


This is the stretchy plastic tape that I use to wrap certain kinds of grafts. What else can it be used for?

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  1. Julie says:

    Congrats Roderick!

    Your blog is already interesting AND educational… looking forward to more posts!