June 17, 2010


Merrianne on Transamerica tour

Twenty-two years ago, a pretty and athletic girl accompanied me on the Transamerica trail. Precisely twenty-one years ago today, we were married.


Still a babe

Elliot is our youngest child, of course.


  1. Paul and Stephanie Toyama says:

    Congratulations on your 21st anniversary! We will miss seeing you folks this year in Hawaii, however it must be exciting to do the bike tour around the nation. We love all your posts and your ideas!

    This year we got lots of mangos and Steph already had some pickled mangos reserved for you thinking that you folks would be coming to Hawaii this summer again! Guess you have to wait until next mango season.

    Good luck with the bike tour and we’ll be checking your blog to see how you are doing.

    Take care and have a safe tour!

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