Roderick (L), Elliot (R)

“My friends would say, ‘Later in life, I want to travel,’ or ‘When I retire, I want to have an adventure,’ and I would always ask them, ‘Why not now?'”

– Robert C. K. Young, father of Roderick, grandfather of Elliot

Hi! I’m Roderick Young, and this is my son, Elliot. In 2010, we went on a six-week bike trip starting from Fargo, North Dakota, headed east, mostly following the Adventure Cycling maps of the Northern Tier, Northern Lakes, and Erie Connector. We ended in West Lebanon, New Hampshire, on July 31st.

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  1. Mona Schorow says:

    Hi Roderick and Elliot,

    Oh dear, being one with the elements (good and bad) is one of the highlights (and downsides) of cycle touring. I send love and prayers that you both continue with great health and wonderful experiences.


    We just got home from our 2 week vacation and look forward (with anticipation) to your continuing stories from the mid-west.