Slightly Rainy Day to Visit the Felons club

For some reason, I didn’t take many pictures today. In the morning, we visited the Irish Republican’s Club (Felons Club), and listened to a three men, all Irish, all friends, all now in favor of peaceful solutions. Amazing. Requirements for membership in the club are that you must have been imprisoned at one time. I didn’t take any pictures.

However, Merrianne got this picture. Jim (UVF), Michael (IRA), and Glen (Loyalist, joined British Army). No last names, here.
We took a Black Taxi tour, and visited this Memorial Garden on the Catholic side of the peace wall, where there was oppression and loss of life, before.
Our driver Sean then took us to the other side of the wall, which was 3.5 miles long in this section
People write messages on the wall. Hard to do when the wall is wet. One could easily spend an entire day reading messages.

We got back from the Black Taxi tour at about 1320, which just a few minutes to eat a snack, then were transported to the Titanic Museum. I didn’t take any pictures inside the museum.

After the museum tour. The museum is designed to resemble the bow of the Titanic.
We decided to walk back, and got this picture of the museum in the distance across the harbor.
It’s quitting time on Friday. A large group with high-viz vests labeled NCR were filing out of the area.
We had scarcely a few minutes before we all went off to dinner at Robbinsons. We walked through Fibber Magee to get there. Fibber was packed with people likely having too much to drink on a Friday evening.
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