To Ennistimon, the Final Hotel

Tomorrow is a big day, visiting Aram island (we all opted in at €115 a head), and the home visit with a local family.

In Galway, Eyre (Shopping) Centre was built around part of the old wall.
In Eyre Square, a statue of Paddy O’Conaire. The head was stolen, then recovered. Now the head is kept in a secure location, and a replica sits on the statue.
I only saw a few people who seemed to be soliciting donations who were not buskers.
Our walking guide Rory O’Shaughnassey (not sure of spelling, but he said o-SHACK-nessy) told us that there are quite a few suicides among young men in the area, and that there is a 24-hour watch on the bridge.
Ribbons in memoriam.
I walked around on my own during the 2-hour free time, visiting charity shops. I stopped for a falafel at this popup at the Saturday street market.
Solid lunch for €8.
In the afternoon, we had a comfort stop at a chocolate factory. Next door was this building with a sod roof.
The Falls Hotel is weird. The lock is way up, and the doorknob is in the middle of the door on the outside. There is NO doorknob on the inside.
The lock for the bathroom is up high, and says ENGAGED or VACANT, like a public toilet. Possibly the hotel used recycled hardware for lower environmental footprint.
There is no doorknob inside the bathroom.
A tall person must have designed this room.
The walk along the river to the falls is the longer but more scenic way to town.
The river is quite foamy.
In town, we visited SuperValu. Notice the varieties of potatoes on the bag.
Although we got salads at SuperValu, we stopped for some burgers at Currans on the way back. The quarter-pounder was €5.
Salad back in the room. We still had dressing left over from previous days.

Merrianne went swimming in the pool downstairs.

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