Final Day at Cliffs of Moher

We have come down to our final day in Ireland. Tomorrow at this time, we’ll be flying over the Atlantic. Melancholy would be the wrong word to describe what I feel. It’s more of the stress of final packing and moving. One more time, then we’re in the air. The trip over to Europe was hard because of the uncomfortable seat on the plane. I don’t expect any better going back to America.

My SD card in my phone failed. I’m running out of space in internal memory. Also, my Google Photos has hit the limit of 17 GB, so I can’t back up to that without starting a paying subscription. Also, the hard drive (solid state drive) on my netbook has filled up for the first time, ever. Also, the USB stick that I brought is full. I’m trying to make space, but on top of that, the internet is SUPER SLOW (3.5 Mbps / 7.2 Mbps, but Google Photos is taking over 20 minutes just to display), no doubt due in part to some in our party doing a final backup or some such thing. This is stressful. So I won’t be updating the pictures here for a while.

We got to the Cliffs of Moher early in the morning. The trail was uncrowded.
Long shadows show that it’s still early morning. The sign says, “No climbing the wall.”
As with other scenic but potentially hazardous points, the Samaritans have posted an offer for help.
There’s always one jackass…
Epic views, but not the best lighting in the morning. Hard to believe these cliffs are only 1/3 the height of those at Sliagh Liag.
The visitor centre was inconspicuously embedded in the hill, as were a few shops to the right.
When we were about to leave, buses full of other tourists started to unload.

Our next stop was the local Gaelic Athletic Association.

Several Irish sports were explained to us, especially Hurling.
A Hurling match was played on video while lunch was served. Notice that corned beef is on the menu, the first time I’d seen it in Ireland.
I believe the corned beef and slaw sandwich is the rightmost in this photo. Just a thin-sliced cold cut, indistinguishable from ham unless one really looks closely.
There was a fag (cigarette) machine at the hotel. I was surprised at how expensive they were – €10 a pack – but also that they still vend by machine here, where kids can access them anonymously.
There was a donkey pen across the parking lot from our room. When we walked up to the fence, this donkey walked over to us and started rolling.

Just before dinner, we were treated to some traditional Irish music on fiddle and accordion.

Music hour – John (not visible), Maise, Frances, Terry. John and Frances are Maise’s parents.
Try to classify this song. Choices are: Happy, Sad, Calming, or any combination thereof. After everyone guessed, Maire told us the background of the song.

As is not uncommon, my interpretation of the song was at variance with everyone else. I found it Happy, then also Soothing.

Our final dinner at the hotel dining room. Standard OAT choices.
I picked up a complimentary newspaper back at one of the hotels. In final packing to go home, I was going to discard it with other unnecessary bulk and weight, but first wanted to capture the picture. Ella, the little girl on the right, looks like she’s going to be trouble when she gets older.
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