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Around Glasgow

The DoubleTree on Cambridge Street has the best work area of the 3 hotels we’ve been in so far. But there are some drawbacks, too.
This is one of the minuses of the room: the sharp granite ledge at the bathroom door. No transition. £1 coin for scale. I stubbed my foot on it twice. Also, minor nuisances – the outlets again have insufficient clearance to permit my netbook charger with my UK adapter. I’m using Merrianne’s adapter cube, instead, which has a right-angle plug. Minus #3: pillows and bed too soft. #4: high climb to get into the shower/bathtub. The rim is only 1-2 inches below my crotch when standing up straight.
Merrianne trying Marmite on her toast for breakfast.
The Glasgow coat of arms has a bird in a tree, bell, and fish with a ring.
Some of the more fanciful renderings on other items make this look like a smiley face.
Our Experience Leader Gordon Hart showing us a corpse cage in a church yard. The medical school paid £25 for cadavers, which could be a year’s pay, so it was common to rob graveyards. A body would be protected by the cage for about 3 weeks, until it became too rotted to be saleable.
We called this the cherry tomato tree. After inspection of a blossom, it appeared to be some kind of crab apple.
The largest Terra Cotta fountain in the world, built for an exhibition.
There were sculptures representing Canada, Australia, India, and South Africa in the fountain. Funny, the people don’t look Indian. In fact, none of the people in the other sections looked indigenous.
Part of a multiple section mural featuring local animals.
Found under a tree downtown. Are they chestnuts?
The first and only vaccination sign I’d seen in Scotland, so far.
This is unremarkable without context. It’s about 15 C in Glasgow, and this was the only girl I’d seen with an exposed midriff since we arrived.
The first electric car chargers I’d seen in Scotland.
John, who had been our driver for the last 6 days.
The inside of the Kelvin Museum reminded me of the Common Room in Harry Potter.
Co-Op supermarket had its meal deal – Main, Snack, Drink – for £4 since I wasn’t a member. £3.5 if I was. Merrianne also got some supplies.
Prawn layered salad with Marie Rose dressing. Lots of things in it like pasta and corn.
£2 for a taco and beer.
Merrianne has her last Haggis at Butterfly and Pig restaurant.