Seasickness and Exercise

Thursday May 28, 2015.

I woke up at 5:30 am. The sun was already up. Went up to the Lido Restaurant (buffet), to discover that there was almost no one there. Food wasn’t ready, either. Apparently, continental breakfast started at 6:30, with full breakfast at 7:00. Coffee was available, so I brought a cup back to the room.

I walked deck 3 outside, and also went to the bow, which was as windy as Pali Lookout. It still wasn’t cold, and there was no need for my jacket, although I did notice that most other walkers were bundled up.

Usually, I use Gimp to edit my pictures, but I discovered that my newly-loaded Gimp 2.8 doesn’t work well on my old XP laptop. Fortunately, I already had Photo Impression 6 loaded, so am using that. There’s no updating software at sea, at least not without paying outrageous prices for internet access. I’m beginning to think that maybe shipboard access is reasonably fast, maybe 1.5 Mbps, because so few people use it. I think I saw only 2 people on laptops, and even then, I’m not certain that they were on the internet. I’m not, that’s for sure. I’m writing blog articles offline with Zoundry Raven.

At 7:30 am, Merrianne and I went up to the buffet for breakfast. There was lox, capers, tomatoes, and I had a kind of Lomi Salmon. I also had a couple pieces of french toast, and 2 glasses of orange juice. We were encountering rougher seas, so I was starting to feel it.

I went back to the cabin to lie down, but only got more seasick when I got up. Fortunately, Jackie had some Bonine, which Merrianne fetched for me, as I was unable to walk around on my own. The medicine seemed to help a little after just 5 minutes, but not fully. I took a nap, and when I woke up at nearly noon, I was fine.

in the Rottendam dining room
The four of us had lunch at the Rotterdam dining room. I got the “asian style” burger. Kobe beef, it was not. They like to cook their meats well done.
On Deck
After lunch, we strolled the deck. The winds were still blowing, although not nearly as strongly as in the morning.

In the afternoon we attended a talk in the auditorium about wildlife.. It’s the sort of thing I usually find fascinating, but I found myself nodding off. Did you know that the Brown Bear is the same Species as the Grizzly?

high tea at the dining room
There was a free tea in the dining room every day. Merrianne and I tried it, then I went back to the cabin to sleep more.
formal night at the dining room
For dinner, we went back to the dining room with Jackie and Steve. It was the formal night, so I put on my suit.
I had the shrimp cocktail and Merrianne had escargot for appetizers. It was a fine meal, but I’m anxious to escape the confines of the ship tomorrow.
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