To-Do List / Known Issues

To do, not necessarily in priority order

  • When upgrading to newer version of BasicScope, button order could change.  The buttons have been stable since version 1.0, however.
  • If BasicScope is uninstalled, all saved settings are lost.  This is normal.  If you wish to retain settings, install the new version right over the old one.  There is no harm in installing multiple times, even over the same image.
  • If the scope USB is disconnected while the program is running, the program must be restarted to reconnect
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  1. cannot load HTMarch.dll and other HTMarch. Using Windows 11. Have reinstalled program about 7 times – no success. Any suggestions?

    Doug Hendren

    1. Full disclosure, I haven’t worked on BasicScope since Windows 7, and most of the time, I was actually running it on Windows XP. Since I don’t actually have Windows 11 on any of my machines, I wouldn’t be able to validate any fixes, anyway.

      One suggestion might be to go to and download their latest application software. That should have an HTMarch.dll that at least works with Win 10, and possibly Win 11. You would manually delete the DLL files that came with BasicScope, and if necessary, copy over the newer ones provided by Hantek. Might work, might not. Sorry I can’t be of better help.

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