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How Do I Report a Bug?

My email address in on the About page of this site. A clear description of how to reproduce the bug reliably is best, but if not, any information could be useful.  For example:

  • The program version (for example 0.13)
  • What operating system the program was running under
  • The actions going on at the time of failure (best recollection, even if it seems irrelevant)
  • Screenshots or Saved Traces
Does BasicScope support the logic analyzer on the 6022BL?

No, sorry. Only the oscilloscope section is supported. BasicScope is open source, though, so if someone wants to add that feature, someone in the community might be able to use it. The author does not have 6022BL hardware.

There is an error complaining about a missing dll file at startup.

Possibly, the Microsoft Runtime dll for Visual c++ needs to be installed. It can be found at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5555

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    1. Unfortunately, the only Hantek library available was for Windows. I use the Pi quite a bit myself (this website is being served from one), and I severely doubt that BasicScope could be made to run on that, not without a rewrite. To be honest, I’ve never tried running BasicScope under WINE on Linux. It would probably complain about some system DLL’s not being present, but it might be possible to get those from elsewhere. If you were to make the attempt, I’m sure I’m not the only one who would be extremely interested in the results.

      I’m actually on Ubuntu right now, but when I want to run the oscilloscope, I boot to the Windows partition on the same machine. It’s Windows 7. If I need portability, I have an old Win XP laptop for that purpose. You can get those for a song nowadays – probably less than $20.

  1. I installed OpenHantek AND I coluldn’t use it.

    It requiresn opengl AND it’s own dirver. It didn’t woerk. It Is very trooublign.

    your application works with the manufacture drivers. The data save optión Is better than than the manufacturer software AND the graphic información Is more credible

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